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  • Alan Goldberg

COVID restrictions are being lifted across New York

School districts across Long Island have made masks optional for all students and faculty. In addition, New York City announced that masks would also be optional in New York City schools, and proof of vaccination will no longer be required for restaurants and Broadway theaters.

Since the Omicron surge in December and January, COVID infections have dropped significantly. After more than two long years, we are hopeful that we are coming to the end of this global pandemic. However, even when the pandemic is declared over, COVID-19 will still be with us. Like the flu, we will probably see new strains and variants every year and possibly even new vaccines and boosters to help keep the virus at bay.

Even when the pandemic comes to an end, you will see people continue to wear masks and remain diligent about keeping safe and healthy.

While our air disinfection units are great for homes or offices of any size, FreshAir Personal is an extremely popular portable choice that is easy to carry and effective in clearing the air around you that you breathe.

The FreshAir Personal Ionizer can be worn around your neck by a universal neck strap or clipped to your collar. It is really easy to carry at 2.2” by 3.8” and weighs about 50 grams.

Here are the KEY POINTS:

  • Removes airborne contaminants from immediately around you

  • Freshens air & removes odors within your breathing zone

  • Lightweight, easy to use, easy to carry or wear, and rechargeable

Learn more about this fantastic little product that carries a huge punch. Call us at 866-681-2782 or email

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