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FreshAir Personal

Even before the pandemic, people were concerned about the air they were breathing. While the concern now is related to virus particles getting you sick, air quality has always been a concern. When you go outside for a breath of fresh air, you are breathing in more than just the air. You also have to deal with smoke, dust, pollen, and other allergens.

With our FreshAir Personal, you can finally get the clean and fresh air that you have always desired. How does FreshAir Personal make that happen? Through a process called ionization.

One of the benefits that we like to discuss of our air disinfection units is that they are not a filter. Filters are passive and need the air to pass through the filter to scrub the particles from the air. With the ActivePure technology, the air is fill with Hydroxyl Radicals that go out on search and destroy missions actively cleaning the air around you.

FreshAir Personal is also an active system that doesn’t require a filter. It works by releasing ions that attract free-roaming particles and captures them reducing the allergens and other pollutants from the air that you are breathing.

What are ions? Well, to answer that we need to go back to our High School chemistry class. I can spend an abundance of words explaining protons, neutrons and electrons, but let’s just skip ahead……

When an atom has either a positive or negative charge, it is called an ion. Now, here is the thing about ions. They want to be neutral. The process of gaining or losing electrons is what is responsible for chemical reactions. When a positively charged sodium ion (and explosive metal) meets a negatively charged chlorine ion (a poisonous gas), the result is Sodium Chloride, commonly known as Table Salt.

Let’s bring this back to the FreshAir Personal Ionizer. The FreshAir Personal gives off high intensity ion stream, which is harmless to us, but adds a charge to the airborne particles in the area. Now think about a magnet. When poles of a similar charge are near each other, they repel away from each other. Since all the particles in the air around you are now all similarly charged, they repel from each other leaving the air around you free and clear of pollen, smoke and other pollutants.

It’s that simple. SCIENCE! The FreshAir Personal Ionizer can be worn around your neck by a universal neck strap, or it can be clipped to your collar. At 2.2” by 3.8” and weighing in at about 50 grams, it is really easy to carry with you, (Like the beepers that we all used to have). The FreshAir Personal requires no filters, fans, or maintenance and is powered by a Lithium Battery with a 72hr charge.

Here are the KEY POINTS:

• Removes airborne contaminates from immediately around you

• Freshens air & removes odors within your breathing zone

• Lightweight, easy to use, easy to carry or wear and rechargeable

Learn more about this amazing little product that carry’s a huge punch.

Call us at 866-681-2782 or email

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