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Benefits of our Bottle-less Water Coolers

Save Money - 

Typically less costly than traditional 5-Gallon Bottled Coolers.

Affordable Payments - 

Low Quarterly or Annual Billing rather than typical annoying monthly bills.

Clean, Healthy, Great Tasting - 

Better than bottled water.

9 Stage Purification Process­ - 

We use 5 filters on all our units.

Hot & Cold Water - 

About 34 degrees on the cold & 180 degrees on the hot.

FREE Installation - 

No initial cost to get going.

No 5 Gal. Bottle Clutter - 

Save space, no unsightly bottles lined up and stacked up in the hallways & break rooms.

No Deliveries­ - 

Never run out of water.

No lifting 42 lb. Bottles - 

You don't have to risk throwing your back out.​

Go Green - 

Help our environment.

Maintenance Free - 

We maintain the unit when we do your scheduled filter changes.

Keep it Local - 

We are a Long Island company, so your payments are recycled back into our local businesses.

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