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Glasses of Water

Bottle-less Water Coolers

Get the Benefit and Convenience of a Water Cooler Without Heavy Bottles

Water Coolers have long been a staple in offices.  How many times have you gone to the cooler to have the bottle be empty?  You can try to change the heavy bottle yourself and not only risk an injury,  but risk spilling water all over the floor.  If you don't change the bottle yourself, you have to find the one person in the building who can do it.  Then you have to worry that you have more water bottles in storage.

Our Bottle-less Water Coolers give you the benefit and convenience of a water cooler while taking advantage of your existing water lines.  You are already paying for the water coming into your building.  Why add the expense of bringing more water in, and having to worry about where you are going to store it?

Multiple Sizes and Options Available

We have several sizes and options available.  From the Little Guy with a built-in 9-stage filtration system to the Big Boy with greater capacity for larger offices.  If you are limited on space, we have models that fit on your countertop.

Contact Water Solutions of Long Island Today

If you are looking for a Bottle-less Water Cooler solution, we have options for every need that will fit your budget.  Call us at 866-681-2782 for information.

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