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Why Water Solutions of Long Island?

Superior Products -

Since our inception in 2006, we have strived to provide quality products with simple operation and maximum uptime and availability.

Superior Filtration -

We have tested several filtration configurations and have chosen to provide a Nine stage, 5-filter configuration as standard on all our products.

Superior Technology -

Our Active Air Disinfection Units utilize NASA-developed technology packaged into a simple to use and maintain, compact, plug-n-play unit.

Product Enhancement -

We add a leak stopper and a pressure restrictor to our Bottle-less Units to protect you from a potential leak and the costly remediation as a result.

Superior Service 

Our technicians are expertly trained on installation, and service of our products and were involved in the actual product selection. You can always count on a prompt return phone call when you report an issue.

Free Standard Installation

Installation of our units is provided at no charge for the initial setup.

* small fee charged to move units after initial installation.

* small fee charged for non-standard installation.

Company Longevity and Ownership -

Since our inception in 2006, we have been owned and operated by Alan Goldberg. Although we have re-branded, our dedication to our clients and our focus on quality and good business practices, remain steadfast and consistent.

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