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  • Alan Goldberg

Who Was the Unofficial Water Guy in Your Office?

The first office I ever worked in had a water cooler with those big water jugs that had to be hoisted up, flipped over, and dropped in place without getting water all over the floor. My desk was right near the water cooler, and it became my job to change the water whenever it was empty. It wasn’t a job I asked for or wanted to do, except that every other day when it was empty, someone would pop their head into my work area and say, hey, can’t you help me out here?

Those massive water jugs weigh about 42 pounds when filled, so they aren’t exactly easy to lift or maneuver. Does this situation sound like one you have ever been in? Who was the unofficial water guy in your office? There always seems to be one.

We were talking to a person who was that guy in their office. When the last water bottle was used, the office manager went up to him and yelled at him for not informing them that they were out of water. The unofficial job of water guy seemed to have morphed into an actual responsibility. It got even worse for that guy. When the water cooler required servicing, this guy was told he had to call to get the service person to come out. That was the final straw.

When he confronted the office manager to tell them that he was not responsible for the water cooler, they were taken aback, surprised that he had an issue with helping out. He explained that he didn’t mind switching out the water bottles when it was empty, but he was not responsible for letting anyone know when the supply was dwindling or getting the cooler fixed or maintained.

The problem with the old-school water coolers is that they require a fair amount of maintenance. The heavy water bottles need to be changed quite often. The refill bottles are not small, so they require a lot of space to store them. Besides being heavy, the water bottles are also awkward to place on the cooler. For someone who hasn’t done it before, it can be a nerve-racking thing, and more than a few times replacing a water bottle led to someone finding a mop or grabbing every napkin or paper towel they could find to clean up spilled water.

A bottle-less water cooler removes quite a bit of stress from the workers who want to get a drink without going through a workout of replacing an empty water bottle. Bottle-less water solutions tap into your existing water lines. This doesn’t mean you are getting unfiltered water. All of our models include a 9-stage filtration system consisting of 5 filters. The sizes range from the Little Guy for smaller offices, to the Big Boy, which can handle the capacity required for a larger office. Countertop units are available as well.

Without the water bottles taking up space in your office, you are freeing up that space for actual use, and given the price of rent for an office per square foot, just not needing to store these giant water bottles saves you money.

Learn about more of the benefits of a bottle-less water cooler, save money, and let the poor guy at the desk closest to the water cooler concentrate on the job you are actually paying him to do.

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