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ActivePure: Air You Can Trust 

Over 99% of COVID-19 transmission occurs indoors, with disease severity linked to the number of infectious virus particles that one is exposed to. By the time air is passed through a filter, it is often too late to prevent the spread of disease.

ActivePure Technology is an upgraded version of a technique developed by NASA for use on the space shuttle Columbia. ActivePure duplicates the atmosphere's natural cleaning processes, filling the room with oxidative particles that continuously break down airborne pathogens that they come in contact within the air and on surfaces. It makes the indoor air more like the outdoors-fundamentally toxic to virus particles, destroying them on contact.

ActivePure does not require that the contaminants be sucked in and captured by a filter or be directly exposed to a UV light. Instead, ActivePure's oxidative particles rapidly spread through the air to seek, attack, and quickly destroy contaminants. Importantly, it has been evaluated and cleared by the FDA and proven to be safe for people, pets, and plants to breathe.

ActivePure Results

  • ActivePure® eliminated more than 99.96% of airborne SARS-CoV-2 in just 3 minutes at an FDA-compliant. BSL-4 military research lab

  • 99.9999% kill rate of RNA and DNA viruses including swine flu (H1N1), bird flu (H5N8), hepatitis A (HAV), and MS2 bacteriophage on surfaces and in the air.   Extensive testing has shown ActivePure technology to be also effective against RNA and DNA viruses including MS2, Phi-X147, H1N1, and H5N8, bacteria including MRSA, Staph, Erwinia herbicola, Streptococcus, E-Coli, Listeria, C.Diff and Bacillus spp, and molds, including Aspergillus Niger, Bacillus globigii, Stachybotrys Chartarum and more. These studies have shown that ActivePure can reduce as much as 99.9999% of surface and airborne contaminants with a 99.99% reduction in as little as 20 minutes.

  • ActivePure installed in a Pennsylvania preschool witnessed an 80% reduction in sick days and in an Indiana school an 80% reduction in flu-related dismissals.

How it Works


ActivePure works via a process called Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO). An ultraviolet light shines onto a proprietary photocatalyst matrix, converting water and oxygen in the air into oxidative gases (superoxides, hydroxyl radical, and hydrogen peroxide), the same compounds that naturally clean the atmosphere.

These particles fill the room and react with any organic compounds (bacteria, viruses, pollution, etc.) in the air, breaking them down into CO2 and H2O. With viruses and bacteria, these ActivePure particles first puncture the outer lipid layer or cell membrane, thereby neutralizing their ability to infect and replicate.

Air Filter Process
Air Filter Model

ActivePure Comparative Cost Savings and Simple Installation


Removing contaminants with dilution and ventilation requires cooling or heating large amounts of extra air. HVAC equipment typically costs N$3.75 per cfm or square foot. ActivePure units can go either in the ducts-without impacting pressure or airflow-or stand on the floor, with a typical cost of N$1/ cfm or square foot.

Before COVID-19, poor indoor air quality was estimated to cost US employers $168 Billion per year in health and productivity impacts.1 The cognitive impact on classroom performance could cost $20,000 I student.2 Each std Dev increase in pollution increases the incidence of mental illness by 6.67%, translating to an annual medical expense of $22.88 billion.

Benefits of Improved Indoor Air Quality

  • $400 per worker saved from worker absenteeism-now much higher due to COVID-19

  • ~8% increased productivity, or $6500 per employee, found by Harvard researchers

  • Improved student grades, equivalent to hiring tutors or reducing class sizes by 1/3rd.

  • Each semester of improved air quality increases student lifetime earnings by ~$20,000

Air filter stats


ActivePure's cleansing particles are identical to those naturally found in the atmosphere-no toxic chemicals are involved. ActivePure devices have been proven to be safe in laboratory studies, FDA review, and through millions of installations across the globe without a single adverse reaction.

They are considered so safe that the Cleveland Clinic put them in adult surgery rooms, as part of an ongoing trial to reduce surgical infections. Independent laboratory results have shown that ActivePure® does not produce ozone or VOCs, and H202 levels remain below 1120th of what OSHA still considers safe (the levels produced are comparable to what is found naturally in the atmosphere).


Pricing can range from 85 cents to 1.50 per sqft but typically is around $1 per sqft. Each space is unique and is sized differently depending on numerous variables such as ceiling height, square footage, ventilation, and intended use for the space. We require floor plans and HVAC plans to appropriately size each project and provide an estimate. There is an additional cost to replace the cell every 1-2 years, typically 15-25% of the original cost.

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