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Don’t Be Just Another Customer Number

There are many significant benefits to working with a small business. When you shop small, you are keeping your money in the local economy. Local small businesses are the backbone of an area and supporting small business owners ultimately benefits everyone. The trends, however, show that in many cases it is difficult for a local business to compete against an online behemoth. Two years of COVID has not helped the situation by forcing people inside and looking for ways to get the products they need without leaving the safety of their homes.

The trend towards large corporations has even started to infiltrate the local small business scene with large corporations that look for successful local businesses to buy. This has been the case with the local water businesses that have been getting bought out by large companies. When small businesses are bought by large corporations, tell people that nothing will change and they will still be dealing with their local reps and the same people. The dirty little secret that no one talks about is that in many cases when a small business is bought, the owner is usually enticed to stay on with the corporation for a short period of time to make the transition from a small business to a national corporation seamless. However, over time, customers will start to receive bills that look different. The corporate logo starts to appear and the address they send their bills to has changed to a PO Box somewhere in the middle of the country. The next thing you know, you are being introduced to a new rep and the old small business owner is telling you that it is time they moved on to new and exciting things.

And that is how you go from dealing with a local person you had the ability to call whenever you had a problem to have to call an 800 number to talk to someone you never spoke to before and will more than likely never talk to again, and hope they get your information right.

When you work with Water Solutions of Long Island you are dealing with the owner of the company. We run our business with the old-school ethics of providing a superior product with excellent customer service. When you call us, you are greeted by name by someone you have gotten to know.

When you call some of these national companies, they may ask you with whom they have the pleasure of speaking, then they ask you for your customer number. It is with that customer number that they can figure out who you are. That is if the person who is answering the phone doesn’t complain that their computers are a little slow this morning and you have that awkward silence when they quite literally have no idea who you are or why you are calling.

There is no doubt that when you deal with some large companies, there is a level of convenience that small businesses may not be able to provide. Some people may be willing to substitute a local relationship with the convenience of being able to shop from their phone without leaving their house. The problem is that when you have a problem, try to get someone on the phone who can actually help you to resolve your issue. More often than not, if you can get someone on the phone, you are dealing with a call center person who has no idea about the products you are calling about and they are doing nothing but reading from a script. Their goal is to get you off the phone as fast as possible since the number of calls they take is being monitored. With a situation like that, good luck in getting the customer service that you expect and were getting when you were dealing with a locally owned small business.

Water Solutions of Long Island has a line of bottle-less water coolers that can fit any size office and provide clean, filtered, hot, and cold water for as many people as you need. The best part is that Alan is involved in every transaction and coordinates every installation. If you have an issue, you deal directly with the owner of the business, and as such, he treats every relationship with the respect it deserves. The success of Water Solutions of Long Island depends on the success and satisfaction of every client. When you deal with a corporate conglomerate, they have no incentive to fix your issues and keep you happy. To them, you are just another customer number and after you hang up the phone from talking with a call center person, they are not going to be concerned whether customer 245784-878343 gets their replacement filters on time. They are just happy your issue was an easy one so they can get their call average up.

Call Alan at Water Solutions of Long Island at (866) 681-2782 or email Alan at and be assured that he is genuinely concerned about the status of your filters and your mutual business relationship since, at the end of the day, all you really want is a clean and fresh glass of water.

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