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It is essential to change your bottle-less water cooler’s filters

There was an outbreak of Legionnaire’s Disease in Levittown, which killed at least one person. Legionnaire’s disease is caused by exposure the Legionella Bacteria, which is found naturally in freshwater environments. When Legionella finds its way into a building water supply, the bacteria can be spread through the environmental systems. While most healthy adults will not get sick if exposed to Legionella Bacteria, people who are older or have compromised immune systems can get sick with the disease that can potentially be fatal.

One question we are asked when things like this come up is, “do I have to be concerned about Legionnaire’s disease at home?” The answer is, generally, no. Many office buildings, schools, or other larger buildings have cooling systems that include circulating water which cools the air. Systems in your home and car do not cool the air with circulating water, so your home and car are not a risk for Legionella Growth.

The recent Legionnaire’s Disease outbreak does, however, remind us of the importance of keeping up on changing the filters on your bottle-less water coolers. Our water coolers include our 9-Stage filtration process. Since each stage serves its own purpose, these filters become saturated after extended use, and their efficiency decreases until they are no longer capable of removing the impurities from the water. As a result, you are drinking unfiltered water and all the contaminants and chemicals that go along with it.

The beauty of working with Water Solutions of Long Island is that you do not have to keep track of the filters on your bottle-less water coolers. We will let you know when it is time to change the filters and give you a call. When we do call, schedule a time for our technicians to come to your location as soon as possible. You want to continue to provide the cleanest and most refreshing water available to your employees and guests. It is easy to do so when you have fresh filters. Besides providing safe water to drink, water filtered through our 9-Stage system will taste better since we have removed the chemicals that tend to give your tap water a strange and even metallic taste.

If you have one of our systems and are unsure if your filters need to be changed, give us a call. Also, if you do not have a bottle-less water cooler with our 9-stage filtration system, we will be happy to explain the benefits to you.

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