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Keep Your Team Hydrated

One of the best bits of advice anyone can give is to stay hydrated. Dehydration recks havoc on a body and can lead to any number of problems from a vague sort of lethargy to kidney disease. A 2013 study showed that participants who drank enough water to remain hydrated had a boost in their production levels of about 14%. On the downside, even slightly dehydrated people had a productivity loss of about 25%

The bottom line is that a hydrated workforce is a productive workforce.

Some businesses look at something like a bottle-less water cooler as a luxury when the truth is it is an investment. When you give your employees access to water throughout the day you are giving them another tool in which to better perform their duties. A bottle-less water cooler is every bit as important to your employees as their computers and phones.

We have talked at length about the benefit of a bottle-less water cooler and how it can save you money on your real estate costs. Storing those 5-gallon jugs requires space, and as any business owner can tell you, space is expensive. By not needing to store those big, heavy water bottles, you save square footage and can repurpose that space for other things.

When you get a bottle-less water cooler, we tap into your existing water supply. The concern many people have is that we are tapping into a water supply that is completely unfiltered. Well, that brings us to the second major benefit of our water coolers. Every size bottle-less water cooler is equipped with our 9-stage water filtration system. This 5-filter, 9-stage process performs two important functions. First, it removes the stuff that shouldn’t be there, such as pesticides, lead, and rust. After the filters remove particles as small as .01 microns in size, the filters then make the water smell and taste better. The water’s pH level is balanced out, the water is sanitized to inhibit bacteria growth, and Calcium and Potassium are added back to give the water an extra healthy boost.

When you think about ways to invest in your employees, one of the best and easiest ways to do so is with one of our bottle-less water coolers. Keeping your employees healthy means they need to take less time off from work, and keeping everyone hydrated will improve people’s moods, which leads to happier employees. Not to mention the boost in productivity that comes with a healthy, happy, and hydrated team.

Our bottle-less water coolers come in several sizes from a high-capacity floor model to a model that fits nicely on a counter where space is limited. Call Alan at (866) 681-2782 to learn more about our bottle-less water cooler solutions.

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