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  • Alan Goldberg

The Cooler That Fits Your Space

Having a water cooler can require more space than you realize if your old school water cooler is one of those that has the 42-pound water jug perched on top of it. When you buy or rent these coolers, you may think that they are only taking up a square foot of space, so it's no big deal. However, you will have those water jugs to contend with and where are you going to put those? Your one-foot-square water cooler is now taking up significantly more of your already limited storage space on stacks of bottles that were rolled in. Think about it in these terms: rental space in Nassau County is going for between $20 and $40 per square foot. When you take the storage space into account, your water cooler is now costing you way more than you bargained for.

Since office space really is at a premium, Water Solutions of Long Island can help you save money in two ways.

1 – Our Bottle-less Water Coolers do not take up any more space than the footprint of the cooler itself. How can that be? Our water coolers tap into your existing water lines, so you don’t have to worry about having water delivered. The local water company is already going the heavy lifting.

So, the question you may have is, “does that mean your water cooler is dispensing the same tap water we get from the faucet? While it is water from the same source, it is not the same water. All of our bottle-less water coolers are equipped with our 5 filter/9 stage system that takes the regular tap water and turns it into some of the cleanest and best tasting water you have ever had, at the Point of Use. Fun fact: some of the bottled water brands that you would get from those heavy water jugs are, in fact, from municipal water sources, (bottled tap water)

2 – We have bottle-less water coolers that range in size from the Big Boy, which at 15” x 19.3” is our largest footprint cooler, and still takes up far less space than a cooler that requires those huge jugs. If you have the space for the Big Boy, they are equipped with our largest capacity tanks with 3.2 gallons of cold water and 1.3 gallons for hot water.

If you are limited on space, you can choose to go with the Little Guy which has a small footprint. And if even that is too much floor space, we have two countertop models, the Counter Guy, and the Little Sport CT.

When you remove the water jugs from the equation, the water coolers themselves can then be scaled to fit the space you have available. From the Little Sport to the Big Guy, we have a bottle-less water cooler solution that will fit your need, your budget, and your expensive office space. Call Alan at (866) 681-2782 or email him at to learn more about these water coolers and how you can start to save money and put that precious storage space to better use.

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